Maintenance Services

Let’s face it, People make judgments based on the care and maintenance of your landscape. Beautiful landscaping attracts tenants and customers. However, balancing the need to maintain a visually vibrant landscape against the cost of protecting your valuable investment can be challenging in South Florida.

Fortunately, as an integrated landscape maintenance solution provider, Southern Blossoms is here to help mitigate that challenge.  We understand that proper maintenance requires a proactive approach. Whether you need cost-effective enhancements, maintenance or irrigation solutions, weed or pest management, tree and palm care, or storm related preparedness response services, we’ve got you covered.  We offer contract services  tailored to your needs on a weekly, bi-weekly,  or monthly basis. We also offer landscape enhancement products and services, irrigation systems and palm  and tree maintenance throughout South Florida. 

Landscape Maintenance

•Mowing •Edging •Blowing •Pruning •Tree trimming •Leaf & Litter removal •Interiorscape and Hardscape

Irrigation Maintenance

•System monitoring •Timer management •Wet checks •Spray adjustments •Spray-head cleaning

Integrated Weed / Pest Management

• Plant Health Monitoring • Weed control management •Pre/Post Emergent Spray Applications •Pest control management •Fertilization (Liquid & granular)

Landscape Enhancements

•Renovation Design Assistance •Seasonal Flower Installations •Shrub Installations •Sod Installation •Tree Installations •Hardscape installations •Large Tree Removal •Palm Trimming •Mulch Applications •Soil Amendments •Debris Removal

Irrigation Systems

•System Design •System Installations •Irrigation Tune-ups and Upgrades •Timer Programming •Valve Repair and Replacement •Valve Location •Wire Tracing •Manifold Rebuilds •Sprinkler Repairs

Tree & Palm Trimming

•System Design •System Installations •Irrigation Tune-ups and Upgrades •Timer Programming •Valve Repair and Replacement •Valve Location •Wire Tracing •Manifold Rebuilds •Sprinkler Repairs

Custom Solutions

From soil conditions and plant material to water needs and restrictions, each landscape has different needs. To ensure optimal plant health and sustainability, we develop a maintenance program specific to the climate, your plant pallet, site condition and watering needs.

Flexible Workforce

As an integrated landscape company, we have access to a large labor pool, enabling us to quickly bring additional manpower to your property should an emergent situation require it. Similarly, when your property demands less manpower; we can downsize – proving you with the flexibility of a large trained labor force, without the burden of high overhead costs.

Talented Professionals

We have an acute understanding of the importance of safety, timeliness and operational effectiveness in the field. From installation, irrigation to propagation, our employees are trained professionals in their field.

Southern Blossoms is certified to provide solutions not problems!

We have an in-house certified Arborist. We use certified and knowledgeable employees and we are licensed & insured – all in an effort to ensure that your service experience is seamless and smooth.