Construction Installation

The success of our client’s project is our success. Southern Blossoms combines a collaborative approach with a high level of technical expertise to maximize efficiency and cost savings. Whether you are a commercial property manager or a construction project manager, big or small, you can have confidence that your installation will be on time and on budget. From site assessment to plant selection and installation, we bring a deep knowledge base of site conditions, native and non-native plants, trees and ornamentals, and best practices for landscape and irrigation construction installation. 

Pre-construction Services

  We partner with our clients to provide experience-based landscape and irrigation construction knowledge during the pre-construction phases of a project. In this way, clients benefit from our extensive knowledge base in order to provide timely estimates, budgets, coordination and value engineering opportunities that make your team more efficient without compromising quality. 

Construction Administration

Now more than ever, project administration is crucial to the operational efficiency of a project. It is essential that sub-contractor documentation is complete, timely and accurate. Our back office operates with the same commitment to quality and efficiency as our field operations. We provide a dedicated administrative team determined to provide a seamless experience for clients and partners. 

Flexible Workforce

As an integrated landscape construction company, we have access to a large labor pool; enabling us to quickly bring additional manpower to your projects as the project needs require it. Similarly, when your project demands less manpower; we can downsize-proving you with the flexibility of a large trained labor force, without the burden of high overhead costs.

Lean Project Management

We understand the importance of a project's schedule and budget. Utilizing lean project management principles, we are dedicated to reducing waste and non-productive time through planning, communication and process discipline. The success of our clients' project is our success, and together we can build great projects!

Irrigation Systems

Water is a treasured resource and can be a costly one as well. We works with our client and partners to provide water-wise systems that reduce watering costs while ensuring maximum irrigation coverage. Utilizing low-volume irrigation systems to deliver water with the least possible amount of waste. We adhere to the guidelines of the U.S Green Building Council for resource management and conservation.

Garden Architecture

Plant material is only part of a landscape. Decor and hardscaping are equally important as pathways and patios provide access points for the enjoyment of your landscape. Similarly, water features can be added to provide visual focal points.